Chairman's Note

Dear fellow Architects,
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for unanimously electing as the chairman of our newly formed A.P chapter.
I feel that you have not only given me happiness but also bestowed upon me big responsibility. As of now, through ther are many issues before us, we should imeediately take up with the concerned authorities to see the G.O. No.214 is implemented in line an sprit. I feel, if we can achieve this, not only the budding architects but every architect will be benefited. At the same time we should not forget our responsibility to the society. Millions of rural and urban poor and homeless in our country. Equal member if not more of middle income group are not having proper shelter. We have to play a role here by designing homes that can be constructed at an affordable price. we should peruse the builders also to take up such projects in addition to their high end projects as a society responsibility.
Finally i feel that we have to improve the quality of our services which will improve our image in the society. I make an appeal to all our members to support me without which we can't achieve anything.

Our Team


AR. Vivekanand Swamy Ghanta


AR. Pottumuttu Krishnajee Venkata


AR. Myneni Kranti Kumar


AR. Emandi Vijay Bhaskar

Padmashree Balkrishna Doshi

For me it's a search, only a search. Search for that unknown that i have not know neither I know how it will manifest, that's actually the essence of my work.

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